Professional headshot


I’m William Cabell, an extroverted senior software engineer, mathematician, and cybersecurity professional. I find fulfillment in solving hard, open-ended problems in elegant, extensible, and efficient ways. With expertise in cryptography, information security, and applied mathematics, and with steady initiative and strong communication skills, I seek to apply my wide-ranging technical competencies and inspire people and organizations.

Both in my career and beyond it, I engage wholeheartedly in everything I do. I’ve completed over a dozen triathlons, I play country guitar at open mics and classical piano at home, I race offshore sailboats, and I’m learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu and how to relief-carve wood. Sometimes my friends donate me money in the form of poker chips. I have a long list of books I don’t ever expect to read through.

Feel free to explore my resume, peruse my blog posts on Medium, or browse my GitHub profile. Please reach out with any inquiries: my contact information is on my resume.